September 21, 2005

Life, Liberty, Property – In That Order

An interesting article by an anarchist about the meaning of liberty and how it should be Life, Liberty, Property – In That Order. He argues against the current system whereby fictional people, such as Corporations, can be treated as if they where human, and how this can endanger liberty.

This is a good point, one of the things that has always driven me away form the anarcho-capitalist viewpoint is that there seems to be a strong 'in the Corporations we trust' element to much of it. Personally this is not something I can stand. In the current system corporate entities have managed to extract human rights without human responcibilities, they are in effect considered better than humans.

If maximising happiness is your goal (and it is mine) then this is clearly not right. Corporations cannot feel happiness, or any other emotion, but by giving them preference over humans that can feel happiess. You end up in a situation of suprssing one persons happiness in favour of a legal fiction, and a net loss in overall happiness.


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